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La Voce n. 44 of the (new)Italian Communist Party

July 2013



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Antonio Gramsci master of the socialist revolution in the imperialist countries

Appeal to the French comrades

so that they take advantage of Gramsci’s teachings in order to make the socialist revolution in France


In an appendix to this Statement you will find the instructions to register for free and watch the French film

Antonio Gramsci - Penseur et Révolutionnaire



Forced by the general crisis of capitalism, the imperialist bourgeoisie has again impressed a disastrous course of misery, degradation, war on humanity and, more than in the past, devastation and pollution of the planet. This course of things will change only establishing socialism in the imperialist countries.

How can socialist revolution be done? This is therefore the decisive issue on the agenda today. Communists, and all responsible and advanced people must answer to this problem in theory and in practice.

In the last century the communist parties born within the first Communist International (1919-1943) carried out protracted and heroic struggles in the imperialist countries

- for the defence and expansion of the rights of the masses in the institutions of bourgeois democracy,

- for improving the material and spiritual conditions of the masses,

- against Nazi-fascism.

They had achieved great results. However, they struggled without a strategy to seize the power and establish socialism. They struggled blindly. The results confirm this.

Human beings need to establish socialism and are able to do it. The establishment of socialism, however, does not fall from heaven, it is not inevitable, it is not the spontaneous result of historical evolution. But in the same way the non-establishment of socialism is neither inevitable nor an accident: it is the consequence of the fact that those who wanted to establish it did not have a proper strategy or that they lacked altogether strategy, fighting blindly.

Now the imperialist bourgeoisie and in particular the International Community of the Europeans, Americans and Zionists imperialist groups are eliminating the achievements the masses get out in the early part of the last century, during the first wave of proletarian revolution that the October Revolution in Russia raised throughout the world. Today to make the socialist revolution is the main task for all humanity; it is the task that determines our future.

In the last century, Antonio Gramsci was the only one among the Communist leaders of the imperialist countries who took up the exhortation made by Lenin to the communist parties in his relation at the Fourth Congress of the Communist International (November 13, 1922 - Five years of the Russian Revolution and the prospects of world revolution) to study the strategy of the socialist revolution in their respective countries. Although closed in fascist prisons from 1926 until the imminence of death in 1937, Gramsci set in his Prison Notebooks valuable insight into the conditions, the forms and the results of class struggle in Italy and more generally in the imperialist countries. In particular

- he has shown that owing to the nature of the socialist revolution its strategy must be the protracted revolutionary people's war (which he called “war of position” in order to escape fascist censorship),

- he explained the nature of the Communist Party (which he called the modern Prince) and the role it has to fulfil.

Antonio Gramsci’s work is valuable for anyone who wants to learn from the experience of the first wave of proletarian revolution. Two obstacles are opposed to this use of Gramsci’s work: to ignore it and to distort it.

Those who distort it present and study Antonio Gramsci as a great and original intellectual, a victim of fascists, surely a communist one, but anti-Stalinist and maybe even anti-Soviet. In this film we present they are the opponents of this second kind who have the floor. They are seven Italian and French university professors, who have studied the writings of Gramsci, but they themselves do not deal with the matter Gramsci deals in his writings: the socialist revolution in the imperialist countries. They are like intellectuals who expose the ideas of a distinguished chemist, but as to them they do not know anything about chemistry, indeed they argue that a science of the transformation of matter as chemistry is, doesn’t exist and can’t exist. Gramsci deals with the activities by which men make their own history: Marxism in fact is the science of these activities. Marxists claim that it is scientifically possible to know these activities and to develop a science by which men from now on can be guided in making their story. The teachers who speak in this film instead present Gramsci as a student of the doctrine of a mysterious matter that they call Praxis. They treat his work the same way as a generic work of philosophy and history. They compare Gramsci’s ideas with the ideas of other philosophers and historians rather than comparing Gramsci’s ideas of with the practice of the socialist revolution in Italy, in other European countries, in the USA. They deal with ideas rather than dealing with the socialist revolution in the imperialist countries, which Gramsci is dealing with. So they are not the ones who can show us what is valuable to us in the work of Gramsci.

However, we believe that this film is useful to arouse the curiosity and the interest of those who ignore Gramsci’s work. That is why this we spread it, for lack of anything better.

We hope that communists and others French people of goodwill will be encouraged to study Gramsci’s works and will gain teachings to successfully deal with their current task: the socialist revolution in France.


The film Antonio Gramsci - Penseur et révolutionnaire is divided into six parts.
The six parties are free to download at the following links:


- Gramsci partie 1.asf

- Gramsci partie 2.asf

- Gramsci partie 3.asf

- Gramsci partie 4.asf

- Gramsci partie 5.asf

- Gramsci partie 6.asf


To see the videos we recommend using the free "VideoLAN VLC media player" software (open source), free download at: https://www.videolan.org/ - compatible with Apple, Linux and Windows.

The videos are viewable on Windows Media Player with limitations (if you use the break or try to move forward or backward: software crash!!!).

Honour and glory to the Commander Chavez!

We continue with strength and passion the work to which he devoted his life!

The memory of his work will last through the centuries


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